Thursday, October 6, 2011


Once again it’s late at night, I’m awake and need to write. So what shall we paly with tonight? How about desire, that kind of ties in with the Cenobites of The Order Of The Gash we were discussing last night. The Cenobites were all about desire. Desire is, you desire what you desire. You can control the gratification of your desires but if you desire the tight young stud across the hall or the taught surfer chick two doors down (or both) then you desire them. You might not act on your desires, I would be too shy to speak to either of the people in our example, but the desire will remain. Trying to deny the desire exists will just make you crazy. You can chose not to act on your desire because the action would hurt the object of your desire but that means acknowledging your desire and working through it. Above all desire IS.

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