Saturday, September 4, 2010

Things Horror Films Have Taught Me

Always listen to your pets. In how many horror movies have we watched someone ignore their pets unease at a situation and wind up getting killed and/or eaten? Famously Harry Dean Stanton ignored the cats warning and got snatched by the alien in Alien. Well not this little girl, nope not me.

I was out walking after midnight with a husky named Blue at our local park. As we started down a side path Blue became very alert and stopped. At first I urged him to continue thinking it was just a squirrel or some such that had caught his attention but he did not want to go forward. At that point all the horror movies and the stupid people who ignored their pets came to mind. So I started back up the path only to find that Blue did not want to turn his back on what ever was in the shadows. After a anxious few minutes Blue was finaly willing to back up the path but only with frequent glances back.

While I will probably never know what was in the shadows ‘m still glad horror films taught we to listen to my pets.

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