Friday, October 15, 2010

A Fund For Sofia

One of the major complaints voiced when Obama was pushing through his diluted version of health care reform was that bureaucracy should not stand between a patient and their doctor when it came to health care decisions. I totally agree with that, the one disagreement I have is that no bureaucracy, government or corporate should come between a doctor and their patient.

Sofia Benbahmed feels the same way, unfortunately her in case insurance company is standing between her and her doctor. Sofia has a eating disorder severe enough to require a residential program to treat. Sofia has health insurance; the problem is that her insurance company doesn’t want to pay the cost of a residential program. So Sofia is now fighting two battles, a medical one to regain her health and a legal one to get her insurance company to actually do what they should and pay for her treatment. So Sofia has set up a treatment fund to help pay for this double fight. The donations are tax deductable if made through FREED. Help stick it to a insurance company.

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