Friday, March 5, 2010

Random Atheist Thoughts

Theists always seem to think that we atheists reject their particular god because we are angry at it or don’t want to submit to its arbitrary ‘moral’ laws. They never seem to get that we are rejecting all gods and goddesses because we see no real evidence for any of them. The entire elaborate theological structures the theists have built up rest on the twin shaky pillars of various holy texts and ignorance. The holly texts are taken as the True Word Of God because they say they are the True Word Of God, a nice bit of circular reasoning. The ignorance is along the lines of ’I don’t now how this happens therefore a god did it’. As science has advanced that has become an increasingly untenable position. As a result many atheists decided that the concept of god just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

This s the same reason that most of us don’t bother to refute the oh so sophisticated arguments of theologians, if the basic premise fails so do all the arguments based on it.

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