Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It’s Always Darkest Just Before It Goes Pitch Black

Are you one of those deluded people who believe in progress? The kind that thinks things will always get better and that everything if for a good purpose? Well you are a deluded fool. There is no grand design or purpose for this world. Nothing lasts forever and everything dies eventually. You are NOT the crown of creation or anyone special. In a thousand years or so 99.999% of everyone living today will be totally forgotten. Taken in the proper perspective the human species amounts to nothing and our \only mark on the world will be helping trigger a mass extinction.

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Alissia Megan Rose-Pait said...

I think you are overestimating things. 99.999 is a bit liberal. I'd opt for 99.999999999 but that's me. These blogs and writings (in general, not you specifically) will have faded to background radiation long before that.