Sunday, March 7, 2010

No An Anarchist Is Not The Same Thing As A Libertarian.

I see the oh so clueless libertarians are trying to rip something else off from we anarchists. This time it’s Punk Rock . They seem to think that because the Dead Kennedys went after Jerry Brown when he was governor of California that they were some how com ing from a conservative position. This ignores songs like ‘Moral Majority’ and ‘Stars and Stripes of Corruption’, not exactly Tea Bagger approved stuff. The libertarians always seem to forget that anarchists are opposed to any power elites, liberal, conservative, corporate or government. Libertarian wankers are only opposed to government power were it inconveniences them but are fine with it when it can help them. That is why they will never understand the true spirit of punk.

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Copyboy said...

I always like the DKs. Didn't realize they were so politically savvy. Cool blog.