Monday, February 1, 2010

A Quick One Before I Go

Going to be traveling tomorrow so I only have time for a quick reflection. As much as I love civilization it has been since the beginning all about control. Religion was a major aspect of that. It represented an attempt to control a world humans did not then understand and was a excellent way to control the population by offering them eternal reward or punishment depending on how well they obeyed the dictates of the power elite. Religon also gives you sin a neat way to control many of life’s pleasures as well as curb some of humanities darker and more destructive urges. Then there is my least favorite means of control, strict gender roles. Authoritarian states tend to brutally enforce very strict and quite limited gender roles. They have no tolerance for sexual or gender ambiguity or non-conformance. So if you’re Gender Queer or Transgender mearly by living your life you are rebellion.

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