Monday, February 22, 2010

I, Pansexual

I identify as a Pansexual gender queer trans woman. So what you may ask is a pansexual, just a fancy word for bisexual? No, a bisexual conforms to the gender binary in being attracted to men or women. This usually, but not always, means cis sexual men or women. As a pansexual I can be and have been physically attracted to cis men and women, trans men and women as well as to those gender queers and androgyne’s who are neither/both.

Of course I have seen cis gays proclaim that being pansexual is impossible as there are only men or women. These narrow minded assimilationist little twerps have not a clue and are blinded by their own cis privilege. Many cis gays and lesbians will even deny that bisexual is a real sexual orientation and that bisexuals just haven’t come out of the closet yet. That is more assimilationist crap, they really may as well be straight.

As for me I prefer to leave myself open to the possibility of love with humans in all their glorious and messy diversity.

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