Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Live Blogging The Election Results Of Interest To Queers

For what it’s worth I will be live blogging the election results that are of interest to queers. Snarky comments added at no extra charge. No results yet but soon(ish)

UPDATE: Well the Republican McDonnell is winning in Virginia 63.47% to 36..42%, what a fucking surprise

UPDATE Damn, good and very bad news. In Washington measure 71 has been approved 51.13% to 48.87% so the domestic partnership law stays in affect. The bad news is that with 69% of the vote counted Question 1 striping us of marriage rights is passing 52% to 48%. That’s pretty much the same margin that proposition 8 passed by here in California. So it looks like the religious bigots are going to win again,

UPDATE Some sort of good news, New York’s 23rd congressional looks like it is going Democratic. Owens is beating Hoffman 49% to 45% so the conservatives purge has handed the Democrats another seat in the house.

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