Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Hate Everything About You

A bunch of theocratic bigots calling themselves the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission are planning to ‘protest’ the Matthew Shepard Act’s ‘thought’ penalties by yelling out hate and incitements to violence in Washington D.C on the 16th of November in hope of being arested. One minor problem is there are no ‘thought’ penalties in the Matthew Shepard Act. It applies only when there has been a crime of violence against one of the protected groups motivated by hate and bigotry. So unless these asshats plan to physically attack some queer passersby they ain’t going to be arrested. Oh and another little point, one of the protected groups are the religious. So if one of these clowns ever gets bashed because he’s Christian he will be covered. This stupid stunt is being pulled because these egomaniacs desperately want to be martyrs. This best way to react to them this time is to ignore them and let them sink into a well-deserved obscurity.

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quite peculiar said...

That is absolute BS..
I remember the Matthew Shepard incident and that was such a devestaing and terrible event in history..
God people are so freaking ignorant..