Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just How Incoherent Is Ze?

The following makes no more sense from this side believe me. This is born of frustration and despair; I’m at the end of my financial tether and have no idea what to do. I’m still locked in enough to the old gender stereotypes and some level that I feel as the ‘man’ of the house it’s my duty to provide for the two of us. I sometimes wonder if my gender journey is in some part fueled by my feeling of failure as a ‘man’. Or, perhaps, my feelings of failure are because I never really was a ‘man’. Who the fuck knows, I sure don’t.

I HATE the keyboard on this Alienware and long for my little MacBooks beautiful keyboard. Alas the MacBook is no more and I can’t afford a replacement.

Yes I’m jumping from topic to topic I said I was Incoherent.

White male privilege may yet bring the country to ruin. It was the arrogance and sense of entitlement of the white gay males that ran the No on 8 campaign that took us from a 54% lead to a 52% loss and then blamed that on a black community they had made no effort to reach out to. It is the adroit exploitation of the fear of loss of white male privilege that may yet bring the Republicans disastrously back to power. If the Republicans do succeed in regaining power I expect it to be somewhat less successful than the Bourbon restoration in France was.

Enough I must sleep now.

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