Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fucked Up Budget Priorities

I just learned today that an online friend has Lupus, A particularly nasty autoimmune disease. I lost an uncle to Lupus a decade back so I am somewhat sensitive to this.

In 2008 we spent $29.2 billion on the National Institute of Health while spending $12 billion a month in Iraq. If we diverted five months funding from Iraq to the NIH we could more than double their budget. Yes I know that this is a overly simplistic analysis but the point is that while we have wasted hundreds of billions on a war of aggression that has accomplished nothing but ruining Iraq and enriching a few well connected U.S. contactors while under funding basic medical research. This is symptomatic of Americas fucked up budget priorities. We seem to be far more interested in stupid macho posturing than caring for our fellow citizens or ourselves.

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jane said...

Thanks ever so for reading my blog post and for your corresponding post. I'll be writing about the Bush ban on embryonic stem cell research in my next post. Many people are dying prematurely because of that draconian decision.