Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Corporate State

While the right wails about Obama being a Fascist they are missing the fact that we do live in a corporate state. Where they are wrong is in thinking that Obama is the mover, the corporations are. Joe Bageant . points out that corporations have completely co-opted or lives here in the U.S. We are in fact a second world nation on our way to third world status. We have no national health care, a crumbling infrastructure, little in the way of public transportation and a now near non-existent social safety net. What we do have is disaster courtesy of an insane wave of privatization that has given us poorer services at higher cist than in true first world country’s like Germany or Japan and complete co-option of public spaces by corporations. The corporations are basically incompetent and have tanked the world economy in large part because there is no effective oversight any more. We have let them move us from being active citizens to passive consumers.

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