Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why I’ll vote for Obama

It’s no secret that I’m not thrilled with Obama, he is far too friendly with theocrats and only slightly less of a hawk than McCain. There are three reasons to vote form him beyond the obvious one of judicial appointments.

The first is his stance on queer rights. While by no means perfect, he waffles far too much on marriage equality, he at least considers us human and deserving of equal protection under the law. McCain wants us back in the closet and Palin wants to strip us of every gain we’ve made in the last 40 years.

Secondly Obama actually thinks women are human too and capable of rational thought. He actual is willing to let women make their own reproductive choices. O.K. that last was more then a little snarky. McCain just doesn’t seem to care which leaves Palin and her theocratic friends to set policy. They don’t just want to end a women’s right to chose but end access to any contraception whatsoever.

Finally and most importantly Obama understands and respects science. He is actually reaching out for scientific advice. McCain is technologically and scientifically illiterate. Palin is a creationist retard who actually might be worse than Bush as hard as that may be.

So register and vote! May be this will help motivate you;


girlbythebeach said...

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Christopher said...

Funny, Craig Ferguson always seems to motivate me, ever since I heard a couple of his stand-up routines when I was living in England back in 1991. I never thought he'd come to America, but I hoped he would.
Anyway I'm registered and will vote for Obama. Yeah, I have qualms too, but he's light years ahead of the alternative.