Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Save Bitch

The magazine that is. Bitch magazine is a feminist response to popular culture and the best read I know of. Unfortunately like many independent magazines they are struggling financially. Please help if you can with a subscription or donation . Bitch needs another $39,000.00 to put out their next issue which will be a guaranteed great read.


Christopher said...

I'm proud to work for a library that subscribes to Bitch. It's a publication I know gets used by the Women's Studies program.
I realize it's just one library, but if more subscribed it would be a big help. Aside from being a good read, libraries should be helping small and independent publishers, especially since the big publishers raise their rates every year.

Christopher said...

By the way, I apologize for throwing in something completely off-topic, but I understand there's a serious effort by the California legislature to create a day celebrating Harvey Milk.
Celebrating a dedicated and brave public servant has, naturally, brought out some pretty vile opposition. I hope it passes in spite of that.