Saturday, May 3, 2008

Projection are us

Emproph over at Pam's House Blend pointed out this very revealing video from a recent Coral Ridge Ministries broadcast. Take note of their projecting what they do on to 'homosexuals', the ACLU and general anybody who disagrees with them .

A special shout out to Tony Perkins you are a theocratic thug. You do want to impose your narrow views on everyone else. The legal groups you mention fight for discrimination and prejudice unlike the ALCU which fights for freedom, even yours.

Oh and Tony Perkins not only are the religous NOT being discriminated against but every candidate now a days seems to need to shout their religous devotions from the roof tops to be considered a viable candidate.

To all of you and those who follow you, fuck off and die.


Judith said...

Hate crimes legislation: discrimination on steroids.

On behalf of one of my friends in high school who was brutally beaten in school because he was gay, followed by the school district ignoring the motivation for the crime and not being punished at all because there is no hate crimes legislation...

Yeah. You can all fuck off and die.

Natasha Yar-Routh said...

Judith, I am so sorry for your friend. His case is exactly why we need federal hate crimes legislation, so that even if the local authorities do nothing there is some hope of legal action.

I do hope you are doing well in law school, we need all the human rights activists we can get.