Friday, May 16, 2008

Fear and Loathing in California

The theocrats fear us especially now that the California Supreme Court has upheld the equal protection clause of the state constitution. I turn I loath them, they are power hungry thugs. As so many would be dictators they realize that one of the most reliable roads to power is to scapegoat and demonize an already despised out-group. We are the out-group of choice for the native American theocrat. They will cynical exploit any and all negative stereotypes about us to foment hatred and facilitate their road to power. Make no mistake, they really do hate us and would love to put their eliminationist rhetoric into practice. They also are really afraid we are winning. So because I’m a gender queer trans woman with a hart full of hate I’ve volunteered with Equality For All to beat their miserable anti-marriage initiative n November. I urge any readers I may have to do the same, donate if you can. I want to see them dying in mass from apoplexy on November 5th.

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Christopher said...

I've been trying to make sense of the claim that the court decision "threatens marriage". Honestly, whose marriage is threatened? I know they usually say it's "traditional marriage", but, as a religious institution, "traditional marriage" shouldn't be the government's business anyway. But whenever I hear some wingnut claim that "marriage is threatened" I like to imagine what he's saying is, "My marriage is threatened because I am so tempted to divorce my wife and marry another man." I don't take the issue any less seriously, but finding some humor does help calm me down.