Sunday, February 10, 2008

A really level playing field

The American myth is that with enough hard work anyone can be a rich and successful person (originally successful man because women were strictly supporting cast, but that’s another rant). The converse was that if you were poor it was because you were lazy or had some other character fault. This is not where I’m going to go into the merits or demerits of this, this is where I’m going to combine that myth with the recent Spartan worship engendered by ’300’ and run it right off the cliff.

If you are born to wealth it’s because of the obvious moral and intellectual superiority of your parents, which you fully participate in so you deserve your wealth, goes the myth. If this is true then the young heir should be able to overcome in adversity’s that are put in their way, adversity’s that the poor have failed to overcome because of their moral and intellectual failings. Now he conservatives who are so convinced of their superiority swooned over ‘300’ considering it a moral exemplar for the ‘War on Terror’ overlooking the whole Leonidas whole leading his troops in battle rather then sending them into battle form 4,000 miles away thing. Well maybe we should take some more lessons from the Spartan’s. Specifically the practice of taking boys from their parents and training them to be warriors and testing their strength through adversity so they can prove themselves.

So I would like to make this modest proposal, take the children of the rich and foster them to families in the ghetto. Doesn’t matter which ghetto, black, white, brown, so long as the family is poor and the neighborhood has a high crime rate, failing schools and no social services. The scions of the rich should be able to rise above these minor environmental problems and make stunning successes of them selves given their inborn superiority right?

Offered in the sprit of Jonathan Swift.

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