Monday, February 25, 2008

Religion Fluid and Fading

An interesting new survey on religion. It is becoming more fluid as people change their religious orientation or drop religion altogether. One of the many interesting bits of information

Today's report, available online at, sorts people into major groupings — Christians (78.4%); other religions (4.7%) including Jewish (1.7%) and Muslim (.7%); and "unaffiliated" (16.1%), which includes atheist (1.6%), agnostic (2.4%) and "nothing in particular."

That means the ‘unaffiliated’ out rank all groups except Catholics (23.9%) and all groups of Baptists (17.2%). The ranks of the ‘unaffiliated’ jump to 25% of adults under age 30. No wonder the professional ‘value voters’ crowd is so panicky over this election cycle; they can feel their grip on power slipping permanently away.

I, of course, find this very encouraging news.

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