Tuesday, January 8, 2008

HRC and Barney Frank want to be Borg……

Well not actually but they do want to be assimilated. Assimilated into mainstream U.S. W.A.S.P. culture. Except for their preference in sexual partners they already are part of that culture, now they want the perks of being middle class whites in the U.S. Thus the push for a ENDA law protecting only sexual orientation and not gender presentation and for marriage equality. That they are willing to throw overboard trans folk and non gender conforming gays and lesbians shouldn’t surprise any one, their values are essentially those of the selfish middle class. I should know, I am a member of the white middle class by birth and their sense of entitlement is monumental exceeded only by the very rich.

The conflict between the HRC and the groups comprising the United ENDA Coalition mirror the conflicts between trade and industrial unions and integrationist and black national groups among others. It is the conflict between moderate reformers who want just enough change to get the benefits of the middle class for themselves and radicals who want to transform the whole society to a hopefully better society for all. If you haven’t guessed I am a radical hence my pride in my queerness. I am well aware of the murderous excesses that have been carried out in the name of radical transformation of society and thoroughly deplore them. The problem with moderate reforms is they do not change the underling power structure and that power structure can always push to abolish the reforms if the effects become to troubling for them, the elimination of affirmative action is a recent example of this. So remember my peeps, SMASH THE STATE!

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Have you been to SitPS yet?

(Full disclosure, I'm a contributor there.)

Last I noticed, the current poll on the main page deals specifically with this issue, and there were several posts on it a while back, IIRC.