Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 24 Of The Gender Queer Challenge.

Well I've totally blown the one a day goal for these posts because of travel so let's see if we can finish this off today. Next up is question twenty-four, How has your relationship with the cisgender people in your life changed?

With my S.O. it has been major and we are still working through these issues. With a former lover the changes were minor because he had always seen my femme aspect. Most other cis people in my life have no idea I'm transtioning.  It's not that I hide it's that I don't advertise it. Being old I don't show that much change even though I've been on Estrogen for almost two years. As due to my domestic situtaion I will probably never change my legal name or gender marker I will probably always be read as male. On the other hand as I dress more and more femme and use my chosen name whenever possible I do tend to confuse some people quite a bit.

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