Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 15 Of The Gender Queer Challenge

Catching up to date her is the fifteenth day Gender Queer challenge; How do you deal with gendered things? Clothes shopping, bathrooms, forms, etc.

That depends, I still present as male so despite a growing sense of unease I still use male bathrooms. I much prefer gender neutral bathrooms and probably always will.

I hate forms with a gender check box. They almost never have a 'none of the above' option and at the same time make it mandatory to answer the damn question. If I have to answer I will usually answer female unless it's for work and the I will answer male. I don't understand why the gender markers on forms are even necessary at all.

Clothes are not a problem, I both buy online and in person. I pick what interests me at the moment rather male or female style.

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Jacob Woods said...

I think society is very limited and constricted when they emphasize sex and gender as worlds apart. Things such as Cosmo magazine and mainstream media solidify these gender "norms" and naturalize to a degree which is not healthy. But most certainly there is evidence that some minor differences exist. The experience, for some women, of childbirth is going to be a world apart from men who can't experience the pain of labor. But this is not to say men are better or owmen are better. - most interesting for me recently, was the all gendered bathrooms for my campuses' rainbow week! - Nice to hear that this is being advocated for. My campus just recently did a whole day one floor all gendered bathrooms for the same reason. Nothing to terrible happened. http://goodasgay.blogspot.com/2012/04/wtf-all-gendered-bathrooms.html Hope the good work keeps on keeping on! - keep on blogging and questioning the world around you!