Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yet Another Quick One Before I Sleep

Arioch but I’m a disorganized wreck. I lieu of a real post here is this, class and race still rule the day here in the U.S. Palin’s appeal is class based, the working and lower middle classes who feel oppressed by the elites. That Palin would be a bought and paid for puppet of the economic elites is beside the point. As for racism just take a look at Fox News or closer to home how the white gay establishment leapt at the chance to blame blacks for the passage of proposition 8. What about queer rights? We have been a distraction and a scapegoat for the Republican party. We are one of the wedges they used to split socially conservative working class voters of from the Democratic coalition to help elect brain dead tools like Reagan and Bush. That we are fighting for our lives is irrelevant to the power politics both parties play.

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