Sunday, July 5, 2009

Late Night Journey Into My Head (Again)

If I was organized I could do real posts but as it is lets poke around in the swamp that is my mind.

I’m tired, beat down through every fault of my own, I should be asleep right now. The problem is I am really a creature of the night, you know stay awake\all night sleep all day. To bad the world is not setup to accommodate that life cycle. So here I am robbing myself of sleep.

What I want to do is explore the limits of sensation, the intersection of pain and pleasure. More I want to disorder my senses by practice and ingestion of drugs. Ah but that is a no no according our wise government. Also psychedelics tend to lead people to question authority and that must be avoided at all costs. I have always wondered if all the cuts in access to higher education that started in the late 60’s and continue to this day were a reaction to finding that educating large numbers of people can lead to them to independent thought and to the questioning of authority. That is why free thought is such a bugbear among the religious, free thought and critical thinking lead to questioning the underlying assumptions of the social structure and the religion that supports it. Free thinkers might question if existing social structures, like ‘traditional’ marriage are always the best environment to live, love and rise children in. They might question if an economic system that was enriching 20% of the population while impoverishing the other 80% was really the best we can do. And those are questions that the power elite don’t want asked much less have any answers attempted.

My we have wandered far a field haven’t we? Well past time for me to sleep so goodnight all.

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