Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Husky & The Bear

Freki my boy husky was barking Friday Night, Geri the girl can’t bark because she has no vocal cords, both were on their leads. So I came upstairs to let them in, Geri came right in but Freki was still barking. That was when I saw the black bear all of 6 feet away from me. Freki was about a foot and a half from the bears hind quarters and was not going to come in while the bear was still there. For a minute or two we all just stood there while I tried to talk Freki in, he wouldn’t come. Then the bear started to move around Freki, I called Geri & she came, I was going to put her back on her lead but when the bear saw her it took off with Freki right behind it. Luckily Freki’s lead did not let him corner the bear in the upper corner of the yard so I could go and bring Freki in. Freki is a brave Huky and worthy of his name, Freki being one of the wolves of Odin.

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ERV said...

Scary! Thank god the bear wasnt looking to pick a fight!