Friday, July 11, 2008

The Cracker Wars

Recently Webster Cook did a horrible thing, he took a Eucharist home with him instead of eating it. This non-crime caused professional outrage merchant Bill Donohue to go into a tizzy. All this idiocy brought supper blogger PZ Myers to despair at the stupidity of it all. This of course caused Donohue to have another hissy fit . PZ Myers did not roll over the way some presidential candidates *cough* Edwards *cough* did, he is fighting back.. Thus the letter below and I urge all three of my readers to write in support of PZ as well

President Robert H. Bruininks,

I am sue you have received all too many letters regarding Professor Myers in the last few days and yes this is another one. I write in support of Professor Myers and his oh so personal blog. As well as occasionally twitting the religiously self important among us he does a wonderful job bringing cutting edge biological science to a large lay audience. From the quality and clarity of his righting I am sure he is a great teacher. I urge you to ignore the campaign against him that Bill Donohue has started. Donohue makes his living be being professionally outraged. No slight is too insignificant that Donohue can not find cause to go into a foaming rage at it. The best way to deal with his ilk is to ignore them, he will soon find some new non-event to fly into a rage about.

I do hope all this has not caused you too much trouble. Again I urge support for Professor Myers as he is a great asset to your University.



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Christopher said...

I've written my own letter of support, but what I'm really waiting to see is a good explanation from one of the people harassing Mr. Cook as to why they can make violent threats or even insult another person, but when that person refuses to eat a cracker that's suddenly "hate speech" and off limits. I'm not condoning hate speech, I'm just saying it's unfair of certain groups to ask for special rules that protect only them while they can attack anyone they wish.
By the way, I hope you have more than three readers, but, if you don't, maybe that's a good thing. I like this blog, and it would be a shame if a bunch of hypocrites showed up and started trashing it.