Friday, June 6, 2008

Why we need laws on gender identity and presentation

A cisgendered woman had the effrontery to dress like a man so she got kicked out of the woman’s restroom and the building at The Beverly Hills Hotel. For good measure one of the three security guards who forced here to leave called her an ‘it’. Even sadder is that we have laws against this sort of bigotry here in California. The only good news is Songwriter Tanya White has hired Gloria Allred to represent her. She doesn’t want any money just an apology and a change of hotel policy.

Here is a Local ABC News report on this.

Here is the contact information for

General Manager:
Alberto del Hoyo
Tel: +1 310 276 2251

Director of Human Resources:
Ava White
Tel: +1 310 281 2946


Director of Public Relations:
Wendy Schnee
Tel: +1 310 281 2958

And also

Guest Relations Manager:
Ron Howard
Tel: +1 310 281 2510

Be polite but firm

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