Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Monster

To the Dobson’s, LaBarbera’s and Kern’s of the world I am a monster because I do want to destroy their ‘traditional’ definition of marriage and family. I want far more inclusive definitions of both, definitions that are expansive enough to include all the wonderful and loving queer families that I know of. Families that the theocrats would condemn as evil and sinful, well fuck them and the horse they road in on. I want family to include any loving committed group of people who love and support each other.

I also want to destroy their definition of morality because it is based on hate, exclusion and intolerance. Their morality helped murder 15-year-old Lawrence King. I want a morality based in love and reducing peoples suffering, not reveling in it because they are ‘sinners’.

So yes for the theocrats I am a monster because want to sweep their narrow bigoted world view of the face of the earth.

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Christopher said...

I think we know who the real monsters are.
What never ceases to amaze me is that, when their views are challenged, the Dobson’s, LaBarbera’s ,Kern’s, et al cry "Intolerance!" Because, you know, it's all right when they do it to others, but wrong when it's done to them.