Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lies That Kill

There has been a nasty up tick in the already nasty murder rate for gemder varient people with the deaths of Lawrence King and Simmie Williams Jr. being the most prominent ones now. There murderers where filed with hatred fuelled by killing lies. Lies by the likes of Matt Barber , ‘Porno’ Pete LaBarbera and most recently the unhinged Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern

They say we are worse then terrorists, that we are a cancer destroying the nation and then fight to deny us any legal protections when people act on their lies. When confronted they deny that they are spreading hate as Kern denied she was gay bashing even as she did it. They hide behind religion saying that they don’t hate but are just preaching ‘gods’ word. Well I call bullshit on that, they do hate and spread lies that fuel hatred. They are accomplices before and after the fact in the murders of Lawrence King, Simmie Williams and so many more. It is time they were held accountable.

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