Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gender Queer and Me

So I say I'm a gender queer trans woman but what does that mean?

I was assigned male at birth (AMAB) but I am a woman so I am transgender and damn proud of it. I love being femme, I love jewelry, feminine clothes and shoes but I present in a somewhat butch way. I don't wear dresses or high heals and wear fairly minimum makeup. I'm old and bald and so am almost always read as male. But none of this is what makes me gender queer.

I am gender queer because there are times when I have no sense of gender at all, I am nutrois. There are times when I'm male, a very femme male but still male. There are times when my sense of gender has no words to describe it. If medical science was advanced enough the body I would want would have fully functional male and female reproductive organs. I would have the ability to regulate my endocrine system so it would only produce a minimum amount of testosterone except in certain circumstances, I love what estrogen does for me.

So my gender is not a fixed thing though even at my most male I'm still femme, stone femme in fact. Now that I think of it maybe that's my gender, femme.

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