Friday, January 4, 2013

Some Sleep Deprived Thoughts

So thinking about how the controversy in the atheist movement since 'Elevatorgate' has proved that religion has no monopoly on self entitled, self righteous misogynistic wankers who revel in rape culture. There really is no difference in language or attitude between the religious and atheist wankers. The only difference is the self serving justifications they use. In both religion and movement atheism the more decent leaders fall back on the 'It's a few bad apples' excuse to get their movements off the hook.

I am not saying movement atheism is as bad as say the Catholic Church which is a criminal organization. I am saying that thw atheist/secularist movement as just as many vile hateful wankers as any religious organization of comparable size. For me it's simple, I'll oppose vile wankers wherever they come from. It doesn't matter what creed or lack of creed you profess you're scum and all you'll get from me is my spit in your eye.

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