Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Late Night Thoughts While Waiting For The Laundry To Finish

Some random thoughts from my decaying brain.

I've been remarkably lucky for a moderately talented old trans broad. Thanks to my parents foresight in building their house in a working class neighborhood that became a trendy neighborhood I was able to sell the family home for a bundle. Enough to leave me comfortable in my old age.

I've been lucky in my transition to.  My therapist was willing to write me any letter I needed as soon as our first session was over. While I had to delay HRT due to financial problems I again lucked out when the Jeffery Goodman clinic at the L.A. Gay Center added a trans health program. The clinic operated on a informed consent model with payment based on ability to pay. Thanks to them I've been on HRT for nearly two and a half years.  

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