Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Some random Thoughts In The Early Evening

Sitting here in a lovely Korean Coffee house sipping a peach Italian soda while my friend composes what is sure to be a brilliant presentation my thoughts wander.

There are fireworks going off all round the neighborhood reminding me that it is the 4th of July. A surprisingly good look at the events surrounding the writing of the Deceleration of Independence is provided by 1776, a musical comedy. One of the things it points out in song is that the northern shipping fortunes were as dependent on the slave trade as the south was. It is usually forgotten that slavery wasn't finally abolished in the north until 1865 though most northern slaves were freed between 1777 and 1804.  The point here is we would do well to remember that this nation was founded on conquest, genocide and slavery. We would do well to be a little humbled before we proclaim ourselves a light unto the world.

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