Saturday, January 7, 2012

Late Night Depression (?)

I am depressed, clinically that is, but not nearly as depressed as I should be. My car has died and repairing it will cost almost all my money for the month leaving not enough to do things like keep the utilities on or get food. There may be ways around this and I'm working on it and that is what is different.

In the past I would have been too depressed to function but now I can. Oh I still have all the symptoms, tough to get out of bead, hard to concentrate and all the rest. But I can work around them now thanks to a lot of work with my therapist Dr. Cooper. This makes me feel very good.

So to all you suffering from depression I say it does get better. Yes it takes time and is a lot of work but with help you can overcome this.

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Kay said...

If you lived in New Zealand like me I would suggest prioritising food and utilities ahead of a car. Walking and public transport are usually cheaper. Things may be different where you are, but less car use and more walking would still be positive for the wallet and for releasing endorphins that reduce depression. :-) Cheers