Friday, December 31, 2010

Random Review Of Things

The first of a series of posts reviewing the year and looking forward to next year/this year depending on where you are. As always this will be a random stream of conscious process so expect no sense at all.

2010 brought the once resurgent Democrats low and the once moribund Republicans roaring back. This had nothing to do with the failure of Obama’s socialist policies because the weren’t socialist in the least. Obama on the domestic front was slightly to the right of Richard Nixon (my how old Trick Dick would have hated being called socialist). Nor was the Republican successful because American’s are basically conservative. It was due to the crappy economy; yes it’s still the economy stupid. The Republican strategy of unrelenting opposition to any thing and everything the Democrats wanted to do worked. The Democrats didn’t do enough over Republican opposition to revive the economy though they did manage to halt the slide to the abyss. If the Republican agenda of budget cuts, tax cuts and continued obstructionism can keep the economy from recovering or even get it to start sliding down again then their prospects in 2012 are so bright they’ll need to wear shades.

If they do succeed in 2012 then the Republicans will do what Regan and the shrub did, spend like drunken sailors with all talk of the evils of deficits conveniently forgotten. The problem for the Republicans is the sort of crony capitalism they practice has a short half-life and always ends in financial collapse.

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