Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Few Movies I Like

It’s all Jerry Coyne’s fault. He put together a list of his 20 favorite movies and invited everyone to join in . So here are the first five of mine.

King Kong

The original only, both remakes were monumentally sucky. The original though was a fast paced adventure with a working class hero and ground breaking special effects. Yes it is of its time and is thusly not so subtly racist though not as racist as Peter Jackson’s remake. Study the pacing and editing tough, they are brilliant. For a pre-teen kid they opened my eyes to what a movie could be.

His Girl Friday (1940) [Remastered Edition]

Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell at their finest with a brilliant screen play expertly directed by Howard Hawks. While making you laugh until you can’t breath it the film makes some very trenchant social commentary. I so wanted to be Hildy Johnson.

The Philadelphia Story

Cary Grant, again, Katherine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart give diamond sharp performances under George Cukors direction. A lot more master class the ‘His Girl Friday’ but much can be forgiven a film with such brilliant and wicked dialogue. A film about being true to yourself if you can find your true self.


The first time Al Pacino and Robert De Niro were in a scene together in a film. Also quite possible the best crime drama ever filmed and maybe Michael Man’s best film ever. Over two and a half hours long but you will find your self wondering where the time went because this film will suck you in and never lets up.

Night of the Comet

OK not a great movie but a damn fun one. A comet destroys civilization and two valley girls and a pachuco are left to rebuild the world and you will never be happier that they are the ones doing it.

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