Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Inner Place Of Peace

A room in deep blue, dark red and purple, it is medium sized and softly lit. The room is dominated by large low bed on a raised platform. The bed is surrounded on three sides by draped by paisley patterned gauze and is composed of a very large Persian patterned cushion surrounded by similar pillows of many sizes. The walls are painted in abstract patterns except for the wall behind the bed. On that wall is a painting of a gorgeous trans-gender angel.

This room exists only in my imagination for now and is not yet complete. It is the safe place I go to relax and renew.

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renee altson said...

my inner safe place is a hidden cave. it's made of rock but there is no moss or grit on the inside floor. instead, it's fuzzy soft carpeting. i can see outside the hole a stream, and further down, a waterfall. inside i have a small perfect bed (with the perfect comforter), as many books as i want to read, a lap cat who will not leave me alone, and lots of indian scarves and fabrics. also- treasures from my life. i am very symbolic, and all my symbols would be with me. and candlelight. with candles that are wrought iron and tall, but there is never any worry you will tip them, no matter how much you move them. that's my safe place. (iphigeneia)