Monday, December 26, 2011

Restarting A Series

Ah yes the end of year, a time for reflection and ten best lists. Well screw all that let's go back to the stories of trans* pioneers shall we?

Roberta Cowell, WW II Spitfire Pilot, race car driver and the first known British male-to-female transsexual to undergo sex reassignment surgery. This was all the way back on 15 May, 1951 just short of her 30th birthday. This occurred two years before Christine Jorgensen's surgery in Denmark. Roberta, now 90 is still with us and I hope happy and well. She wrote her autobiagraphy,Roberta Cowell's Story, now sadly out of print but still available used.

The incredible courage Roberta Cowell displayed transitioning publicly when she did is to be admired and saluted.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Full Diclosure

I'm Natasha Yar-Routh, it says so right on the masthead. But as some of you know that is not my legal name, that is Barry Scott Routh. You see being gender queer for me means having two lives.

I'm one life, the one I'm coming to prefer, I'm Natasha the person you know from this blog and on twitter. In the other I'm Barry. A married, well not man but person, with a job and all that.

Increasingly my worlds are blending into each other so starting here I'm going to be as open as I can about this. For various reasons my legal name will most probably never change even though I identify as Natasha. Of course I don't look like a Natasha do I?

Not really that fem am I? Yet I feel very fem most time.

Ah well enough self confession tonight, sleep well all of you.